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1-click 'Spotify'cation of the currently playing Youtube song. Yup, it's just 1-click away! (For Spotify app users)
Have you always wanted to hear 'that' Youtube song in Spotify? Wished you could click the 'Hear in Spotify' magic button next to all of your favorite videos? Well, here it is.

This Chrome extension scans through the Youtube page, identifies the track you are playing and keeps a Spotify button ready for you to click. Press the green button in the address bar anytime, and it opens the Spotify app for you - with the track that you were just listening in Youtube.

No more friggin Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Alt-Tab, I-forgot-what-I-was-doing. It's just one easy click away.

This is for Spotify desktop-app users.

This is the first & the light version. Many more features to come:
* Auto-play the Spotify song
* Export playlist from Youtube
* Favorite the song to your Spotify account from the Youtube page

Any feedback is appreciated.

0s and 1s are here:

youtube to spotify, exporter, playlist, music


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