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The extension framework for Tumblr.
XKit is a set of tools for Tumblr, designed to make blogging much easier and fun.

Save sent fan mail to your outbox, block posts you don't like, blacklist words, tag your asks before publishing, theme your dashboard, quickly reblog posts, shorten posts, mute people you don't like and much more.

For a list of all the XKit features currently available, please visit http://xkit.info/seven/features/

-- Important Notes: --

1. If you run into problems installing XKit, disable dashboard themes and Stylish.

2. Uninstall XKit 6 and Next before installing XKit 7.

3. Make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome.


版本 7.5.1 上次更新日期 2014年10月10日 大小 127KiB 语言 支持1种语言 适用浏览器

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The extension framework for Tumblr.