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VisusGG, a browser extension by x3picF4ilx (Bytenote) & MrMaxim, aims to improve the user experience on FACEIT's platform.
This extension offers two additional features that provide valuable insights to the users:

FACEIT win rate stats:
VisusGG provides insights into the win rate percentage of different maps that players have played. This allows players to identify their strengths and weaknesses on various maps and can influence strategic decisions in selecting maps.

☆ See opponents win percentage (%) during map selection
☆ Toggle compare mode to see statistics for both teams
☆ Switch between time frames or create custom ones
☆ Check past games

FACEIT account on Steam profile:
This feature allows users to seamlessly view FACEIT account details directly on Steam profiles. It provides a convenient way to verify whether a player has a FACEIT account and to assess their stats.

☆ View FACEIT stats on Steam profiles
☆ Check account status (free, premium, banned, or deactivated) and account creation date
☆ Works with private Steam profiles


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