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View a HTML5 Video in VR (for use with an Oculus Rift).
VideoVR is an extension allowing videos in web pages to be displayed in a format suitable for a VR head-mounted display (namely the Oculus Rift).

Once installed, an icon will appear in the address bar when viewing a page containing an HTML5 video element (such as YouTube in some cases). Clicking this icon creates a 3D environment ready for viewing through the HMD.

*** NOTE: Certain GPUs (including some integrated Intel chipsets) aren't able to work with videos this way this extension requires. I'm looking into a solution. If you experience problems when using VR mode, refresh the page to return to normal.


- Zoom in: Up arrow key (or scroll up)
- Zoom out: Down arrow key (or scroll down)
- Play/Pause: Spacebar
- Go fullscreen: Double-click
- Toggle 3D: M

Future updates will include:

- Head tracking using vr.js
- Gamepad support


版本 0.6 上次更新日期 2014年3月18日 大小 175KiB 语言 支持1种语言 适用浏览器

谷歌浏览器Google Chrome浏览器

View a HTML5 Video in VR (for use with an Oculus Rift).