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Enhance your livestream viewing experience
Enhance your viewing experience on YouTube Live and Twitch! This extension adds familiar emotes to live chat, allows you to set your username and name color in chat, participate in predictions, cheer on other creators with raids, unlock rewards in the battle pass, and helps you find livestreams more easily.

How to use:
• Install and visit an enabled livestream to begin using the extension.
• Chat settings can be configured in the settings menu by clicking on the extension icon in the YouTube header.
• Name color and display name can be configured in the extension widget under the settings cog.
• Turn on 'Experimental' mode to test out new features before they're ready for everyone.

Note: The chat styles and theater mode are available for all channels but channel points and prediction are currently only available to a small subset of creators and we are actively rolling out to creators on our waitlist. If you'd like to get Truffle.TV for your livestream reach out here:

Truffle (experimental mode) also gets you merch discounts on certain creators' stores, better rewards for being a Patron, and more :) Keep an eye on our Twitter for updates:

Formerly known as Mogul.TV and Truffle.TV


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