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Master your mental health. Mood tracking, journal prompts, self-care, breathwork all in one place.
Thyself is the browser extension to master your mental health.

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Several times a day Thyself kindly prompts you to look within and ask yourself "what do I feel?" During these mindful moments choose an emoji that best reflects your current mood. Over time, your mood diary will fill. From there you'll be able to pick out insights into what brings you joy, satisfaction and purpose.

According to a study by Dr Tasha Eurich, 95% of people think they’re self-aware, but only 10-15% truly are. Through the process of 'labelling' our moods in Thyself, we improve our self-awareness.

✔ Reflective mood tracking
✔ Calming breathing exercises
✔ Uplifting affirmations
✔ Mindful emotional labelling
✔ Positive mindset journal prompts
✔ Supportive personal dashboard
✔ Tailored mood selection
✔ Forgiving self-care checklist
✔ Powerful intention setting
✔ Learn insights about your mood

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10/02/2023 – v1.6.0: Made permissions for self-care dashboard and emoji mood entry optional.

26/01/2023 – v1.5.0: Technical upgrade to keep up with Google's extension requirements.

25/01/2023 – v1.4.0: You can now snooze your mood prompt for longer than 10 minutes if you're too busy: 1 hour, 3 hours, until tomorrow or even turn off mood prompts.

09/12/2021 – v1.3.3: Fixed bug with the dashboard opening on new tabs even when user has disabled.


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