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The Next Generation Session Manager; A Really Working Too Many Open Tabs Solution; And Your Browsing Notebook.
Tabs Outliner is a fusion of tabs manager, session manager and an tree like personal information organizer. It’s also embed instruments that greatly help reduce open tabs count by making possible easily annotate and close-save open windows and tabs in their original context. And what’s more important - allow then working with there saved tabs practically in the same way as with open ones, thus greatly reducing resources usage. 

It also implements one of the best ways to handle crashed sessions - an unfortunate reality for users with a habit of accumulating hundreds of open tabs.


☀ Complete Overview of all your open and saved tabs and windows, along with custom added notes and marks.

☀ Flexible and fully editable by Drag and Drop Tree - everything can be easily organized in logical hierarchies and delimited groups; unlike in other similar tools every node can be a parent for any other node, all items can be freely reordered to specify priority or importance. And all of this can be done not only with somewhere saved links - but with open tabs and windows!

☀ Close and save - just in one click you can preserve “in place” any tab or window in their original context and surrounding in the Tree. Saved windows and tabs can be freely mixed with those that are open. And as Tabs Outliner window is often active all the time, because it’s enormously useful to observe all currently active items, things saved in it does not fall out of the focus, as this often happen with other tools that save everything in some separate lists, so the actual action to close-save something to free resources become mentally much ease and really accomplished.

☀ Innovative Tabs Outlining And Organizing Features – you will be able annotate windows and tabs, add comments to them, summary of main ideas, to-do items. Text notes can be easily added in the Tree directly from web pages, just by Drag and Drop.

☀ Tree Style Tab feature - those who remember famous Firefox plugin with the same name immediately recognize inspired by it very useful way to relate tabs to one another. This feature relates newly opened tabs to the tab from which they were opened, which automatically builds strong context for all items and nicely visualize tabs relations.

☀ Crash Resistance and Restore Feature Done Right - no more hassles after browser crash or sudden system restart. No more being forced to all or nothing choice, like with the default Chrome crash restoration: to lose all of these “remind me of something” tabs, or to have again a completely unresponsive PC, if you load all of them back. This extension makes it possible to reopen only windows you need NOW, or even some individual tabs inside them, without losing others. Everything will be available to reopen anytime you decide and in the same context and place where they were crashed without consuming any resources, along with newly created tabs, as if you simply continue your session without any crash.

☀ Tabs List Exporter - easily export and share the annotated list of your tabs through Google Doc, Word, Evernote, email or some messenger. Hierarchies of windows can be exported individually simply by Drag & Drop. Or the whole tree can be saved as HTML file (by Ctrl-S in the main window).

☀ One Click Procrastination Stopper - Close-Save All currently open windows and tabs just in one click! Without losing all of the context and structure. Regain your attention and your PC responsiveness - momentary become ready again for some new work.


Everything mentioned above can be used absolutely for free, but to support project there are some additional paid features that can be indefinitely enabled for a small one-time payment ($14.95) and an unobtrusive banner that show up once in few weeks to remind about their existence:

☀ Keyboard Shortcuts and Clipboard support which enables whole new dimension and speed for tree manipulations and editing by pro users.

☀ Access to frequent local backups that are saved every few minutes for restoring accidental edits or deletions or to review latest changes.

☀ Automatic Daily Backups to your Google Drive. Not only this secure your data this also enables possibilities to access your tree remotely from some other PC.

This paid features are completely optional and application can be effectively used without enabling them. In additional that the tree is constantly save all changes locally, backups and data exports can be done manually at any time. It’s not required to pay anything for this.


版本 1.4.134 上次更新日期 2018年7月7日 大小 1.31MiB 语言 支持1种语言 开发者



torah Li
torah Li Modified 2018年7月15日
改进下界面就好了。 标签继承关系太吊了。话说我也是先想到才找到的,本来想如果找不到就自己做一个的,肯定火
Jacky Guo
Jacky Guo Modified 2017年12月15日
Yang Yang
Yang Yang Modified 2016年4月16日
非常好用!对我们这些动辄一大堆标签的人来说。总是不想关掉似乎还有用的网页。 TabOutliner省内存、省资源。而且chrome其实有一些bug,网页开多了会莫名其妙的卡。可能是shockwave插件惹的祸。 有了TabOutliner,这些都不是问题了。而且极大地缓解了一堆标签带来的心理压力。 Very useful! especially for tab addicts like us. I always want to keep the webpages open, which seems to have some use left. Besides releasing the computer memory, improving the performance, avoiding some Chrome's bugs, it also relax my mental stress.
Angus Zhang
Angus Zhang Modified 2016年4月30日
did not support vivaldi lost all my tabs while migrating to it from chrome . totally tragedy!
gespiton free
gespiton free Modified 2016年10月25日
what I am looking for, great job
Zaxk Po
Zaxk Po Modified 2017年4月23日
ALT-Q kills all my chrome tabs. How can I disable this short cut??
Lu Xudong
Lu Xudong Modified 2017年10月18日
Great plugin!
楚不似 Modified 2016年4月30日
R W Modified 2017年1月20日
Gates Wang
Gates Wang Modified 2017年5月10日
Awesome extension! Organize your tabs like a BOSS. Reason -1 star: In some security reason I cannot grant access to google drive. Please provide an option to supress the message that ask you to grant access. Thanks!
t c
t c Modified 2015年11月30日
Junyu Mao
Junyu Mao Modified 2015年7月1日
真的很好用,很强大而且,很稳定! 很稳定! 希望支持数据导出备份。 Hope we can backup our data.
TINA ZHAI Modified 2015年1月27日
不错不错 就是丑了点...
yangtze Modified 2015年10月19日
Thanks for your work!
幻影显形 Modified 2015年7月8日
Great work!
Wystan Chen
Wystan Chen Modified 2015年1月30日
Would it be possible that the addon can support syncing the tabs between multiple devices in the future? If so, I will give 6 stars to this addon. Thanks.
The Next Generation Session Manager; A Really Working Too Many Open Tabs Solution; And Your Browsing Notebook.