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The most feature-packed tab manager. Save & organize your tabs, sync across devices!
Tab++ allows you to save your tabs for later. You can organize, categorize, and name them, then restore individual tabs or tab groups at any time. You can even sync them across devices!

Tab++ is inspired by similar extensions like OneTab, only with **WAY** more features... Like folders, cloud-syncing, easy backup and restore, and more!

# Note: Usage help can be found in the options page. #

NEW IN v1.7.1
- Code minified to save space
- Fixed version name glitch
- Adjusted drag delay
- Dragging a tablist triggers a view redraw as it should

NEW IN v1.7.0:
- Ported to the new manifest v3 API.
- Total codebase rewrite with asynchronous architecture and service workers, for massively improved performance and stability.
- Fixed graphical bugs on loading screen in newer Chrome(/Chromium) versions.
- More error messages (instead of failing silently, without telling you!)
- Automatic restore-from-backup on critical sync error. Say no more to the sync tab eating your tabs into the void because your internet is slow.
- INFINITE SCROLLING! (Yeah boiii, now you can legit have 10,000+ tabs with zero lag! Tabs load via pop-in, as you scroll, similar to Discord and other messengers.)


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