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TabPlus, aka Tab++. Save, cache, and organize your tabs and sync across devices!
Tab++ is an extension that allows you to save your tabs for later. You can organize, categorize, and name them, then store them locally, or sync across devices. The idea is sort-of inspired by OneTab, but TabPlus has WAY more features, like folders, cloud-syncing, complete database backup-and-restore, and more!

Note: TabPlus Help now located in options page!

Note: Experimental version. TabPlus's error checking is very robust, but you may still encounter issues. Backup regularly!

NEW IN v1.6.0
Fixed tab export. Improved tab import, now has multiple import modes and option to not overwrite duplicates. Import also now automatically creates a backup.

NEW IN v1.5.3:
New year update! Literally. Looks like there was a bug in the date parser that caused tabs saved in January to behave weirdly and not move to the top. Fixed!

NEW IN v1.5.2:
- Fixed small bug where locked tabs looked like they could be moved into other tablits.
(they couldn't, but they LOOKED like they could)

NEW IN v1.5.1:
- Moving a tab in a locked tablist moves the whole tablist, without needing to hold shift.
Unlike moving an unlocked tablist, the date is not updated to today when a locked list is moved,
unless it's dragged to the sync-mode button for the mode it's already in.
- Moved help section to otherwise useless options page.

NEW IN v1.5.0:
- Ran out of digits for 1.4.x versions. (Could've used .10, I guess)
- Holding shift when opening a tab opens whole tablist.
- Fixed TabPlus page loader.

- TabPlusManager's syncToCloud operation will callback false if it couldn't sync. This can happen if the max entry size or entry count is exceeded. Inform the user to delete data or move to local if this occurs.
- Improve TabPlusMain cleanupAll with stuff from loadFromDisk();
- Update settings automatically on change, and make the extension options page already!
- Reopen tabs if syncing failed upon tablist creation within TabPlusService.
- Minimize CSS and JS files to save space? Maybe?
- Zoomed-out hierarchy view mode. (would be a read-only preview)
- Option to open tabs in new windows always, never, or only when no other tabs.


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