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Stork01 - Package tracking extension for Chrome browser
Stork01 -  Tracking packages directly from your chrome browser

(Stork-O-one) FREE - Limited for 3 packages at once - PRO costs 1$...)

We are not gathering any ifromation about your browsing (The permission used only to spare you the need to copy and paste the tracking # every time)

With this chrome extension you can track packages without leaving the page you're at.
After finishing the buying of a product and get a tracking number, or whenever you get a tracking number trhough your email you just:

1. Mark the tracking number
2. Mouse right click
3. In the popup menu choose "Add to Stork01"
thats it!

NO more browsing to couriers websites
No more searching the mail for the tracking numner, etc'.

The extension also adds an icon in your chrome browser for quick activation.


版本 2.91 上次更新日期 2016年3月5日 大小 54.95KiB 语言 支持1种语言 适用浏览器

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Stork01 - Package tracking extension for Chrome browser