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Starty is a simple speed dial functionally similar to the one used in Opera.
Starty is a speed dial functionally similar to the one used in Opera. we keep it very simple and very clean.

- Quick and simple access to bookmark folders
- Add and delete bookmarks from the speed dial.
- Reorder bookmarks through drag and drop.

I found the hardest part of transitioning to Chrome from Opera to be the lack of speed dial. After trying a number of options from the web store, I couldn't find anything that were as clean and simple as Opera. This speed dial is an attempt to fill that gap.

This implementation is more limited than Opera's. Opera generates thumbnail internally, meaning that it's not dependent on any external services .As far as I'm aware there is no provision to do the same in Chrome. The external service that was chosen to perform this role is free and unrestricted, but is only able to generate thumbnails for HTTP pages (no HTTPS). Advanced configuration options allow for this service to be changed if desired.


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