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Apply visual filters to webpages you view!
Sheen will give you control over how you see your favourite web pages.

No-matter who you are, you are likely to find this useful or fun;

- Greyscale
you're a web developer needing to judge true contrast
- Contrast
you have a vision impairment and you need those pesky font colours to pop
- Colour modification
you're colour blind and the designer of your favourite site has chosen the one colour you cant distinguish! Make all blues purple, all reds green.
- Colour saturation
you can't see the difference between two shades in a poorly made map
- Sepia
you're favourite networking site wont allow you to customise the colour theme, this will do it!
- Blur
you're an employee wanting to instantly obscure whatever it is you're not meant to be looking at with the click of a mouse
- Brightness
you're up too late and the page is blinding you

This extension modifies how a page's colours are displayed to you by applying visual filters to the entire page.
It's like applying photo filters to all web pages!

New to version 2:
- create any number of profiles
- have these profiles automatically apply to web pages or whole sites
- edit these profiles and have the changes automatically spread to the pages you've already set to use it
- previously required no permissions! But now needs them to be able to watch tab URLs :(


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