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The most effective tool for online shoppers, in Chrome.
--- About Scouter ---

Scouter is a browser add-on that shows you lower prices and shopping recommendations, while you browse through different online stores and shop online.

While you're viewing a product on an online store, Scouter shows up in your browser when it finds a better price for that product. If available, we may also show you recommendations for highly similar products that cost less.

--- Here's how it works ---

When you access a product online, Scouter understands what product you're viewing and instantly looks it up for it in its constantly expanding database of offers. The addon is then displayed in your browser, showing you a list of trustworthy online stores that offer the same product, but for less money. You also get accurate recommendations for similar but cheaper products or other shopping suggestions that you may be interested in.


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The most effective tool for online shoppers, in Chrome.