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Official SAM Chrome Extension - Curate & Tag content directly from social networks.
The SAM Chrome Extension enables you to curate and tag social media content directly from Tweetdeck and Facebook Signal as well as social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Plus, you can see your SAM notifications in real time with Chrome Notifications and our pop-over stream.

After the extension is installed, the SAM icon will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Clicking this at any time will open a popup showing your recent notifications. When the extension detects a social asset being displayed, the icon will change from a light grey outline to a solid icon indicating that it can be imported. An import button will now be present in the popup to import the current social asset.

On compatible social networks, a SAM icon will also appear inline on social assets that can be imported. To import the asset, just click on the inline icon to open the asset modal. Either method will open the asset modal on the current page. Here, you can add the asset to one or more of your stories using the ‘Manage Stories’ dropdown in the top left corner of the asset modal. You can also edit tags, leave notes and annotations, add a caption, and even request permission on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube assets.

* NOTE: You need a SAM account to use this extension. If you don't have a SAM account, please visit *

This extension supports:
- Signal (Facebook)
- Twitter
- YouTube
- Instagram (public posts)
- Facebook (public posts)
- VKontakte
- Vimeo
- Google+
- Flickr
- Reddit

Other networks coming soon!


版本 3.4.15 上次更新日期 2018年8月10日 大小 324KiB 语言 支持1种语言 适用浏览器

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Official SAM Chrome Extension - Curate & Tag content directly from social networks.