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Adds extra features to the note taking app called Roam Research
This chrome extension adds some features to Roam Research.

It allows users to
1. Collapse and expand blocks by holding Shift while scrolling over the block they want to collapse or expand. This works for pages in the right sidebar and
page reference section too.
2. Delete a page by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete.
3. Auto complete by pressing Shift + Space, Tab, or Cmd+Enter.
4. Automatically add brackets after you press "#" so you can tag pages with multiple words. You can also highlight a word and have it be wrapped in #[[]]
5. Highlights the bullet to the left of text area and the line leading the sibling block above it in "DarkOrange".
6. Hovering on the left side of the screen will pull up the left sidebar so that you can have more screen real-estate.

More features to come!

You can message me on twitter @eboodnero to request a feature. If I can do it then I'll add it on my spare time!
—Eran Boodnero


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