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Python interactive shell built with Native Client
Python interactive interpreter built using Native Client.

New in version 2.7.10:
* Updated to python 2.7.10

New in version 2.7.7:
* Split package by architecture for smaller download
* Updated to python 2.7.7
* Fix bug in os.utime()
* Fix bug in platform module (e.g. platform.machine())
* and zlib and bz2 modules
* use persistent home directory (PERSISTENT html5 filesystem storage)

New in version
* fix terminal size reported to readline.

New in version
* socket support
* python is now a packaged app which will run in its own window.

This is proof of concept of CPython running in Native Client. It is based on CPython 2.7.

The source code for this package and for the Native Client port of python is available as part of the naclports project:



This build is using newlib and therefore does not support DSOs.

ctypes is not supported (libffi assemblers needs porting).

No persistent file system yet.


版本 上次更新日期 2016年2月25日 大小 19.0MiB 语言 支持1种语言 适用浏览器

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Python interactive shell built with Native Client