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Use this extension instead of bookmarks. It is just as easy but you can find them again and share them with people, simply.
Pluck is a contextual bookmarking tool. Save things you want to keep, and easily find them again. 

How is it different?
Save a webpage just as you found it. It’s like a screenshot but links stay clickable and content is searchable.

What can I save?
- Whole webpages
- Text and images
- YouTube videos
- Quora answers

How do I find what I saved?
- Look for your plucks by topics and colors.
- Search straight from Chrome omnibox.
- Search within your Pluck account.

Do I need to set up an account?
- Clip and share to Twitter, Facebook and email without an account.
- Clip, bookmark to read later, organize and easily find things you want to keep with a Pluck account.

How to get an account?
Go to to save things you want to keep.

We’re in Beta
This is our first release of the extension. Some sites might not work perfectly. Just click report this URL and we will sort it for you.


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