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Download to folder full-sized board images from Pinterest/Instagram/Tumblr
Try free version with 250 images per board limitation

Use link

Follow chrome-extension://flieckppkcgagklbnnhnkkeladdghogp/install.html
or write a bug.

PinDown supports for now:

Pinterest supported pages:
- Boards
- Board sections
- Main feed page
- Search pages
- Self-owned pins
- Related pins
- Source (domain) pages
- Categories & topics pages
- Following feed

Behance supported pages:
- simple gallery page
- artist projects page
- artist collection page
- artist appreciated page
- behance search pages
- behance featured
- behance galleries

Mini FAQ:
Q: "Server error" when downloading images.
A: You are using FriGate proxy extension or something like that. There is some problems with that extension when downloading images. Try to using Browsec.

Q: PinDown icon says "PinDown -not active-".
A: Try to reload page (F5).
Check page status at bottom: if you see the text "Waiting for awailable socket..." - you must restart browser or system (your system has no free sockets for browser -> site can't load -> extension waiting for site and busy)

Q: Board pin number is 156 but folder with images contains only 145. Why?
A: Some boards have pin duplicates and will not be saved.

About personal or sensitive user data:
PinDown doesn’t handle/collect personal or sensitive user data.
PinDown uses cross-platform crash reporting service which may collect some data.


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Download to folder full-sized board images from Pinterest/Instagram/Tumblr