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PicTab Extension - nice background image, quick access to Horoscope, News, Dreams, Info Date, ect...
This PicTab Extension, is a simple Google Chrome extension, which provides an option for everybody to add an image to the new tab of the web browser. You may change the background image. Also you have some quick access buttons, to open and read information about today Horoscope, your zodiac sign, or read information like events, births, deaths, ect... or just read information about dreams, Interpreter Of Dreams, Read News, Donate Free Hearts to those in need. 

By using this extension you will also contribute to a charitable mission
of volunteers arround the world, and You will decide to whom donate
the hearts which you earn everyday by opening Web Pages in your Web
Browser. Together with our sponsors we can help people in needs and make this world better !

Life Saver Center

A public foundation with a charitable mission that supports, rewards
and inspires philanthropic investments in arround the world. The
voluntary giving of help for those in need, typically in the form of goods, services, public actions or money.


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