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Hyperlinks that attempt to mislead you will be kept from doing so.
Often times phishing e-mails will show you a link to one website but will actually link you to another.  "nope" will monitor your browsing session for such webpages and attempt to intervene if you click such a link, showing you exactly what it was you clicked and where it tried to take you instead and offering you helpful resources.

This extension's single purpose (as per the Web Store's ToS) is to is to block link navigation when the link url does not match the link's text, if that caption is a different url (eg phishing).

Test page:

To do list:
- Add whitelist support for false positives (Google Bookmarks and any redirection service may trigger false positives)

Apologies and Thanks:
- Jimbomcb for making NOPE.AVI which I used as inspiration
- Google Chrome team; I used Chrome resources in order to make NOPE fit in with the UI style.

Changelog: - 3/1/13
- manifest_version 2 support. - 12/10/10
- Fixed matching urls triggering the warning page anyway (oops). - 12/10/10
- Adjusted my performance improvements so they don't allow lots of dynamic links to slip through unchecked (whoops again). - 12/10/10
- Further performance improvements. When a page changes dynamically only new links should be scanned now instead of the entire page. - 12/10/10
- Changed text and layout on warning page to hopefully be easier to understand
- Made warning page "Go back" button prettier
- Fixed scrollbar appearing on warning page
- Greatly reduced CPU usage and page freezes on dynamic webpages such as Google Reader and Reddit while using the Reddit Enhancement Suite (my bad). - 12/09/10
- Initial Release


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Hyperlinks that attempt to mislead you will be kept from doing so.