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Nimbufy lets you reverse engineer html on any webpage into editable format of Oxygen builder for WordPress
Nimbufy is a chrome extension that lets you convert html on any page into editable form that is compatible with Oxygen Builder for WordPress.

There are two different stages of action involved.
1. Source tab
2. Destination tab

Source Tab: that contains the target html webpage that you need to convert into editable format.
When you click on the Nimbufy icon on any chrome tab other than the Oxygen Builder, it enables selection of DOM elements on the webpage by clicking anywhere on the document. The selection is highlighted. You can use the keys up/down or w/d to go to different levels of the hierarchy and left/right or a/d keys to select the siblings elements. Once the selection is final, click on the 'Take snapshot' button that appears on the top Left. This stores the current selection in the memory. You can drag to resize the browser in order to emulate different media breakpoints at different document widths and click on 'Take Snapshot' button again to store the state of the previous selection for a different breakpoint. Once the process of selection is complete, click 'esc' key.

Destination tab, which as of now is Oxygen builder dashboard installed on any WordPress website.
Now, if you go to the tab that has Oxygen Builder for WordPress open, and click on the Nimbufy icon on the browser toolbar, it will display a popup that lets you organize your snapshots taken in stage 1, into destination media breakpoints. Once you hit the 'Import into Oxygen', Nimbufy sends the snapshot data to Nimbufy server, which converts the data into format ready to be consumed into Oxygen. On receiving the response, the Nimbufy extension imports the data into the Oxygen Builder. Note: You need to have a valid registration and credits with Nimbufy in order to have the data processed. More details can be found at

At the moment, Nimbufy does not reverse engineer any javascript on a target website, it only deals with html/css


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