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Discover, track and organize over 250,000 movies.
Deciding what to watch next? You're in the right place. Just tell us what kind of movies you're looking for and we'll give you the best there are!

Some of the features:
- Awesome list creation tool that produces rich, great looking movie lists
- Aggregated movie information including trailers, IMDb / Rotten Tomatoes / Metacritic scores and more
- Filtering by Netflix, iTunes, Amazon availability
- Ability to hide movies you’ve already watched or aren't interested in
- A variety of filters, for example, browse 80’s Japanese Animation with IMDb score greater than 7
- Several different layouts, including a neat full screen movie browsing experience
- Upvotes / Downvotes & commenting system
- List import from IMDb, iCheckMovies or via custom .csv file

Movieo is a project funded entirely by it’s creators and there’s only two of us working on it full-time. Your feedback is extremely important as it makes it easier for us to focus on the right stuff. We encourage you to share your ideas and criticism because they play a vital role in the process of building Movieo.


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