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Don't just make contacts, build relationships. See important network updates in one place, so you never miss a chance to reach out.
* BETA *

Your new social address book and social inbox.

Mingly ensures the relationships that matter most never fall through the cracks. Mingly brings messages and key updates from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to Gmail, so you can keep track of who and what’s important. Mingly's next-generation address book aggregates your contacts and allows you to quickly see your communication history across your networks.

*** Stay informed: keep track of birthdays, job changes, updates and more
*** Get organized: group contacts and add notes to remember key information
*** Keep in touch: set reminders to stay connected

Happy Mingling!

Please contact us with questions or feedback at support@ming.ly.

* The privacy and security of your data is our top priority. Your data is transferred using 128-bit encryption, and will never be shared. Mingly accesses Gmail, including contacts, calendar and message data. Mingly does not store the email body or attachments. Only the email subject line, to/from field, and time stamp are stored, so that Mingly can quickly show you your communication history with a contact. When you connect a social network, Mingly also saves the first few lines of received messages, so that these can also be shown to you when you look up your communication history.


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