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This addon enables you to enhance the sound beyond the maximum level.
The extension is useful when the sound on a webpage is too quiet despite setting it to the maximum volume. It can sometimes help to balance the volume of sound when it varies significantly over time. It works on both video and audio elements on pages that allow it. The extension is activated by clicking the left mouse button on its icon. After clicking on the extension's icon with the right mouse button, a menu with additional options appears, which can be useful in certain situations. To fully reset the sound after adjusting the volume using the extension, it is recommended to reload the page.

Known issues:
- On some pages, it is not possible to adjust the volume of the played elements. This is due to how the specific page is designed.
- On some pages, when clicking on the extension button, the browser may mute the sound. This is due to the security configuration of the specific page or the server it is hosted on and unfortunately cannot be detected from the extension's point of view.

If you find this extension useful, you may consider supporting the author with a donation of any amount. Check the menu by right-clicking the extension button.


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