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Hugo is a meeting notes platform for fostering a culture that improves meeting performance and cohesion for hybrid work teams.
Now just a new tab away - A centralized platform for teams to improve remote meetings.

What is Hugo?

Hugo's meeting notes platform improves meeting performance and cohesion for remote teams.
How? By uniting calendars, docs, and tasks, Hugo makes it easy to share meeting agendas, collaborate in real-time, and ensure that actions don't slip through the cracks.

From customer calls to team meetings to one-on-ones, Hugo unlocks an incomparable way to work, that equips people not only to run better meetings but to be better teammates who are the best at their jobs.

Integrations with Google Calendar, Slack, and other apps ensure that meeting outcomes can be seamlessly shared with colleagues, even if they're not Hugo users themselves.

The result is that people show up to meetings prepared, customer calls are more productive and teams know what’s happening whether or not they were in the same room.

The Hugo Chrome extension replaces your empty Chrome tab with a quick view into your upcoming meetings. It’s the perfect launchpad to prepare for and run your meetings.

• 📝 Prepare agendas and write notes in your browser
• ✅ Track tasks and action items
• 💼 A library of 80+ agenda templates
• 🚀 Quick access buttons on Google Calendar entries

Because Hugo connects to your calendar data, we’ve made sure it’s the safest place for your meeting knowledge.

• 🕵️‍♀️ Private. Your data is private, accessible only by you (or your team with your permission).
• 💂‍♀️ Safe. Permissions to read and change site data allow the extension to work, not track you.
• 🔒 Encrypted. All information is encrypted during transit and storage.

Hugo is **free** for individuals and small teams. The Pro plan starts at $6/user/month.

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