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#1 Github Email Finder & Exporter.
Hikido: #1 Github Email Finder & Exporter 

Hikido is the best email finder & email exporter for Github emails. Find any Github user's email address in seconds.

Hikido looks for email addresses associated with a user's Github profile and allows you to quickly reveal and export emails. When browsing a Github profile you can find the Github user's email address with a single click of the Hikido chrome extension. Hikido is the most highly rated Github email reveal tool on the market. If you have any questions, send us an email at hello@hikido.com.

“I use Hikido to quickly reach out to engineers. It allows me to find contact information around their original code easily. I recommend Hikido to anyone who is trying to reach out to engineers and need a competitive edge. Hikido allows you to be really efficient in a way that gives you way, way more volume than without it.” Joe Schiro Head of People — Tally


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