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Allows to convert webpages into PDF documents
Convert any website to PDF document with the online file conversion API 

*Notice* that pdf correspond to the page viewed by any user on the internet so sites protected by sessions (login) won't be correctly converted.

Extension features:
- Convert opened web pages and frames in it, images, and a link page target.
- Allows you to convert through the button in the top bar or right click.
- Generate pdf identical to the content, preserving the appearance and the clickable links, without adding any adds.
- Download the converted files directly into Chrome download bar with a randomly generated name.

If you find this extension useful and want to help the extension developer, or give feedback or proposals, please use the email address : fady.potter|at|gmail|dot|com. It is also possible to donate, through Paypal, to the same address. Thanks for leaving a review !

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