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Read more focused
Stay focused for longer and spend less time reading. Ideal for students and people with a lot of reading to go through!

⚛️ It works just like using your finger on a physical book thanks to the scientifically designed word pacer that simulates the ideal eye movement

🤖 It slows down on hard, long, rare, and scientific words, ensuring you stay laser-focused.

📜 It scrolls automatically when you reach the bottom of the page, allowing you to get fully immersed in the text.

Developed by 2 university students with ❤️ and 🍺

🔒 Privacy Notice:

If you choose to make an account with us, we will store your email & name in our database. We collect some usage data which are anonymous and not correlated with you in any sort of way, which we use to improve the app.

For each webpage you choose to read or save, we will scrape it and store it in your account on Fready. We cannot access any of the things you read or save. Also, the extension does not communicate with our servers, if you don't explicitly read or save a webpage with it. The extension's code is open-source and on GitHub ( )

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