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A no-frills chrome extension to gain followers on twitter through tasteful automation.
Followr helps you gain real followers on twitter through automation.

Setup takes 15 seconds and there is only one requirement: you must be logged into
Once you specify your interests, followr will search for tweets every 30 minutes and favorite a small amount of them.

Unlike all other bots, followr is actually dedicated to improving Twitter. As such, followr will limit itself from spamming excessively and rewards you for good behavior. The more you use Twitter normally, the harder followr will work.

You can read about the philosphy and reasoning behind followr at


Followr will never access, send, or transmit your personal data to any server or host. It is entirely run on your computer. The code itself is open-source and available at


New in 1.2:
- Bug fixes that previously caused Followr to crash on certain computers
- Tweets favorited by Followr will be unfavorited at a later date automatically
- Improved onboarding experience


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