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Block distracting websites and get inspired to focus on what's important

Block distracting websites and get inspired to focus on what's important.
You want to be productive and spend your time online in a purposeful way. But it can difficult with all of the online distractions out there. There are plenty of other tools like Block site and StayFocusd that block you from accessing Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest or whatever your Internet vice might be, and others like Momentum that inspire you every time you open a new tab, but Focus stands out by helping you to get back to what's important.

On the options page, record which websites you want to be blocked from. When attempting to reach that page, our blocked page will show an inspirational message on top of a high-resolution image. Hopefully with that little inspiration, you'll be back to work.

Focus also offers in-app purchases where you can record your epic dream and be reminded of it every time you try to get to a blocked page. Imagine all the time you'll spend working on achieving your biggest dreams instead of mindlessly surfing the Internet.


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