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Sync your bookmarks with your selfhosted server (e.g. Nextcloud)
Sync your bookmarks across browsers via your own self-hosted server.


* Nextcloud Bookmarks v0.11 or later, or a WebDAV server (like nextcloud is, too)
* a recent Chrome version (or a compatible browser) with native Bookmark Sync disabled


- **The accounts panel**; After installation the accounts pane will pop up allowing you to create and manage accounts. You will be able to access this pane at all times by clicking the floccus icon in the browser tool bar.
- **Your accounts**: You can setup multiple accounts and select a bookmark folder for each, that should be synced with that account. Floccus will keep the bookmarks in sync with the server you selected whenever you add or change them and will also sync periodically to pull the latest changes from the server.
- **Syncing the root folder**: If you want to sync all bookmarks in your browser you need to select the topmost untitled folder in the folder picker. (In case you're wondering: Syncing the root folder across browsers from different vendors is now possible out of the box, because the built-in folder names are now normalized).


- Note that currently you cannot sync the same folder with multiple accounts in order to avoid data corruption. If you sync the root folder with one account and sync a sub folder with a different account, that sub-folder will not be synced with the account connected to the root folder anymore.


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License: https://github.com/marcelklehr/floccus/blob/master/LICENSE.txt

Privacy Policy: https://github.com/marcelklehr/floccus/blob/master/PRIVACY_POLICY.md


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Sync your bookmarks with your selfhosted server (e.g. Nextcloud)