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FACE-X is a Google Chrome extension that displays a users stats on FACEIT on their Steam profile.
FACE-X is a Google Chrome extension made by boomix and BananaGaming that displays user stats from FACEIT.com on their Steam profile. Therefore it may be used as a shortcut to find more information quickly on the users FACEIT stats without having to go over to the platform.

Extensions shows data as FACEIT level, elo, premium or not, when was the profile made, how many times the player has been afk, how many times player has left any FACEIT game and if player is banned or not on FACEIT.

It works on any Steam profile, doesn't matter if it is private or not, as far as the Steam profile has been connected to FACEIT account, it will show data.

Is pretty useful if you want to understand how good the player is before adding him or easily find out if the player is smurf or not and how old is their steam account.

1.4 added country flag support, new images for levels, average stats from last 20 games and bug fix where stats were not displayed if user was not logged in.

1.5 fixed bug with comments not working, added text about last 20 matches, changed order of stats, removed console.log

1.51 fixed issue where face-x was showing up in all comments page

1.52 fixed some rare issue with country showing up wrong and changed min-width for name field, to always show up FACEIT join date

1.6 added new FACEIT API link, fixed extension not working anymore because of old API. Also removed leaver, afk fields

1.7 switched to new FACEIT API, changed some stats to be shown, because of limited API data.

2.0 - Updated to latest manifest 3 version, switched to service worker making request to API, to get data from the old API. Now extension is showing bans, registration date again. Rewrote all main JS file, extension is loading up faster as it is async. Created Github repo for ideas, suggestions, problems and pull requests https://github.com/boomix/FACE-X .

2.1 - added last 20 match stats

Report a problem or send feedback about the FACE-X to boomixlv@gmail.com


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