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Professional text editing for Chrome and Chrome OS
"...easily the best code editor on the Chromebook." - AppStorm (

Caret is a graphical text editor modeled on Sublime Text, running completely offline (no Internet connection required) and capable of opening and saving files anywhere on your hard drive. The goal of Caret is to provide a missing portion of the Chrome OS developer story: serious programmer tooling without needing to install a second OS and learn Vim.

Current features:

- total offline support--no network connection required
- tabbed editing
- syntax highlighting for many languages, and lots of color themes
- hackable settings files in JSON format
- remembers/restores open tabs (requires Chrome 31 for full support)
- open files directly from the Chrome OS file manager
- Project view with folder navigation and project-specific settings files (requires Chrome 31)
- Sublime-compatible keymappings, including multiple cursors and selections
- Command palette/smart "go to" functionality

Help documentation is available at the GitHub wiki, including a list of possible keyboard/menu commands:

Looking for Git/Drive/SFTP support? Please read this note:

Caret is also 100% open-source: please feel free to contribute code and file bugs via the GitHub repo (see website link on Details tab, or look in the menus for Settings > About Caret).

If you like Caret, leave a review! I love reviews.


1.4.37 - Added an option to disable "behaviors," which is the Ace term for auto-completing quotes, brackets, and HTML tags. Added support for Clojure syntax (thanks, Rui!).

1.4.36 - Fix a bug when the "experimental JS" flag is turned on in Chrome. Fix a missing dialog string for when files are modified in the background. Add support for Verilog and VHDL files.

1.4.35 - Fixes a bug with the Files app when tab restore is disabled. Added a slight delay to the project when autohide is enabled. Support added for opening Lisp files directly (thanks, rysquash!).

1.4.34 - Upgrade Ace to latest version. Added Swedish translation (thanks, Usaki!).

1.4.33 - Upgrade Ace to 1.1.7, and enable the .hbs extension for Handlebars files.

1.4.32 - Fixed project restoration bug, and some other small issues with focus and default settings files.

1.4.31 - Added Twig support. Bug fixes.

1.4.29 - Added Groovy support. Updated Ace to version 1.1.6.

1.4.28 - Fix bugs with menus that wrap too soon, particularly in Russian, and bad project file loading.

1.4.27 - Added Russian translation. Thanks, Pavel!

1.4.25 - Fixing bugs with project folder restore, menu configuration, and palette command sorting. Added the "join lines" command.

1.4.23 - Fixed a bug that broke context menus. Also finished localizing Caret using Google's i18n library--translations into other languages welcome!

1.4.21 - Fixed a bug where opening a file from the Files app when Caret did not have an open window would fail.

1.4.20 - Fixed several bugs, including a new issue where file drag/drop wouldn't open a new tab.

1.4.17 - Lots of fixes: Added a "hideGutters" setting that will remove the line numbers from the editor view. Added the ability to autosave on a timer, or when window focus is lost. Improved Mac keyboard support (thanks, Will!). Added editor context information to API messages. Setting a key combination to null or false in the the keys.json file will now allow system keys to work (such as Ctrl-Space for switching keyboard layouts).

1.4.15 - Updated Ace to the most recent build.

1.4.14 - Greatly enhanced the speed of project search in very large codebases (thanks, Ben!).

1.4.13 - Fixed a bug that prevented Insert from File from working. Added the word "words" to the Word Count command (thanks, Denis!).

1.4.12 - Tabs opened from the Files app on Chrome OS are now added to the end of the list, after retained files, instead of before. Fixed a problem where Ctrl-Space would fail to trigger autocomplete, and another bug that caused the syntax control to show the wrong language after Save As. Added a "wrap to margin" command (thanks, AMiniLegend!)

1.4.10 - Fixed a bug where Caret keybindings like Ctrl-L weren't handled correctly if they conflicted with an existing Ace binding. Also fixed a long-standing bug where vim emulation mode would be disabled after saving a preference file. Added fancy animations to the command palette.

1.4.8 - Fixed a bug that would corrupt documents when whitespace was trimmed from documents with folded lines. Improved tab drag/drop behavior. Added animations to dialog boxes, with some usability fixes.

1.4.7 - Swapped help.json for a link to the wiki. Added an emergency reset menu item inside the application. Added the ability to set the newline mode for an individual document. Reverted internally from promises back to callbacks, which should be more stable during startup and file operations.

1.4.3 - Fixed some bugs with "unsaved changes" on new tabs. Added support for .ksh files. Fix a bug with help.json, although the content is probably still out of date, and this will be removed in the future in favor of the GitHub wiki.

1.4.2 - Fixed middle click on tabs.

1.4.1 - Added an option to trim empty lines along with trailing whitespace. Updated the extensions for SQL files. Fixed a bug where the editor didn't resize correctly in fullscreen mode.

1.4.0 - New major release focusing on UI: Menus have moved into the title bar. Added an "immersive fullscreen" option for Chrome OS. Closing the application will now prompt on unsaved changes. A debug console for issuing commands is now available. Also includes bugfixes for the collapsible project view and tab look-and-feel.


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