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Drinkle is an Business Management Application, which helps you in project management, task management, leads management & much more.
Drinkle is an Business Management Web Application, which helps you in project management, task management, leads management and many more business management tools in one place.

Project Management:
Manage your business projects by simply adding them to Drinkle, then you can add the users who are going to work on the project and add tasks for each of them and assign it to them.

You can set due dates, write comments, attach files and much more.

Leads Management:
Avoid all the paper work by simply adding your incoming leads into Drinkle. Create different stages the leads gothrough in your business and set each leads stage as they update you.

You can monitor how your leads are being converted, and which stage most of the leads are stuck.

Stock Management:
Add different products you sell in your business, and enter the stock that is left. As each of them gets sold, just update it in the app.

By this you can monitor how much stock you are left with for each product.

Activity Boards:
In Drinkle, every tool has its own Activity Board, where you can share messages, write commments and discuss live with your team regarding that particular subject.

You can also attach files to your messages using Dropbox.

Spreadsheets are used in most of the business for variety of reasons. At Drinkle, we want all the activities that a business does online to happen inside our application itself, hence we have built our own Spreadsheets.

It is very simple and non complex to use.

A quick note? A joult idea? or any random thing that doesn't have its own tool to save it has to be stored inside a note. Hence we have developed Notes tool inside Drinkle.

You can also share your notes with other users in the application.

Application Settings:
Drinkle provides you options to hide or show tools which you do not use. You can also re-arrange the order of the tools in the menu, in an order such that your most important tool is always at the top.

You can also limit individual users from using different tools.


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