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Drink! is a simple drink reminder so you never forget to drink a little every once in a while.
Have you ever forgotten to take a drink of water (or any beverage of your choice) every once in a while during workday?
Search no more – this simple extension will remind you after a specified time span (60 minutes default) to drink something.
Simple. Effective.


* v0.3.2
- added changing icon to show alarm status
- minimum chrome version required is Chrome 29

* v0.3.1
- added extension update notification

* v0.3.0
- new design
- option to auto-start on chrome launch
- completele reworked application
- simplified file structure
- reduced file size

* upcoming: v0.2.1
- new UX and UI
- popup window shows countdown
- auto-start function – drink reminder will automatically start on chrome startup (if activated in options)
- Icon shows running status

* v0.1.2
- Leaving Alpha status
- Entering Beta status - YAY!
- It would still be awesome if you could report any problems you have or bugs that you find.
- Also if you have any ideas how to improve the extension, tell me
- New Feature: start and stop the extension directly from the Adressbar
- Just type: "Drinkr" -> hit Tab or Space -> "start" or "stop"
- JavaScript has been reduced and optimized in performance

* v0.1.1.1
Initial Release
Alpha Status


This extension is dedicated to Raoul, who ever mocked me about forgetting to take a drink ;)


Fork the Reminder on GitHub.
The Reminder is OpenSource and I would be happy if you fork it, optimize it and tune it to match your own needs.


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