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Save your favorite X (Twitter) and Bluesky bookmarks in one place
X (formerly Twitter) bookmarks are a mess. Bluesky doesn’t have them yet. So we built dewey. Sync, search, and export all your bookmarks across multiple accounts.

Trusted by 20,000+ users who've collectively backed up over 15M bookmarks

Search, sort, tag, categorize, and annotate your X, Twitter, and Bluesky bookmarks. Keep track of all your saved tweets with ease and find what you're looking for in seconds.

Seamlessly export bookmarks into tools like Notion. With automatic backups from any device your bookmarks are preserved even if the original tweets are deleted (images included).

Make your folders public and share them with the world. Others can subscribe to your folders and get a peak into how you think.

Break Twitter API limits
Dewey doesn’t rely on APIs so you can export the first bookmark you've ever saved on Twitter, X, and BlueSky. X (Twitter) API has an 800 bookmark limit for sync and BlueSky doesn’t even have an API, let alone Bookmarks. Good thing we don't care.

Bookmark Across Social Apps
Sync your bookmarks across X (formerly Twitter) and Bluesky and view them all within the Dewey platform. Your data belongs to you. Now you can see it all in one place and search, sort, organize and export as you wish.


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