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The missing Web UI for Elasticsearch.
Dejavu is a modern, open-source web UI for Elasticsearch that comes with powerful visual data filters, infinite data scrolling support, realtime data updates, a GUI to import and export JSON / CSV files and a rich search UI builder. Dejavu is a single feature app whose purpose is to help with importing, displaying, updating and exporting data inside an Elasticsearch index.

Dejavu uses 100% browser javascript and is written in React v16.3.2. In addition to this chrome extension, it is also available as a docker image at and as a hosted web app at

You can read about how it compares to existing solutions here -


版本 2.0.5 上次更新日期 2018年9月16日 大小 18.46MiB 语言 支持1种语言 适用浏览器

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The missing Web UI for Elasticsearch.