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An extension adding Vim-like bindings to Google Chrome
Vim for Google Chrome.

Why is this different than Vimium, ViChrome, or Vrome?
These extensions do a wonderful job of adding Vim-like keybindings to Google Chrome, but they lack many of the features that Firefox Addon, Pentadactyl, have.

What features does cVim add to Chrome?
- Google/IMDB/Wikipedia/Amazon/Duckduckgo/Yahoo/Bing search completion
- Support for custom search engines
- History and Bookmark search/completion with bookmark folder support
- Caret/Visual mode
- Efficient link hints (with support for custom mappings)
- Support for custom keyboard mappings
- Regex page search with highlighting
- Command bar with tab-completion
- Smooth scrolling

A help guide can be found at:
You can also find the guide in the settings page

Want to suggest/add new features or notify me of a bug?
Add in issue/pull request to or send me an email at


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