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Organize and share links with your team.
Share, save & organize links with your team: It’s like ‘Pocket for Teams’... now with Slack integration!

Do your teammates share important articles, documents and other links via Slack or email, only to have them lost in the noise? Check out our new bookmarking tool for teams: Clip - now with Slack integration.

Clip is a team repository for all your important articles, docs, videos and other web links. Stay organized and save time by keeping your team’s links in one place. Plus, it has Slack integration: quickly post links to Slack. Soon, you’ll be able to extract links already in Slack for safe keeping in your team repository. Save time with our Chrome browser extension: save links, tag them and post them to Slack in one click. All links are tagged by topics and searchable.

Ready to organize your team’s links?

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Organize and share links with your team.