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Personal finance Assistant.
CMoney(BETA) is personal finance management software. It lets users view bank account balances, create budgets, and track expenses, among other features. This is an offline only app as I feel there is no need to store personal financial transactions in the cloud. The ability to export the data is currently available but only as a JSON object.

Currently this product is in beta stages. Please feel free to comment on what can make this application better. Report any issues to abarbaneld@boxram.com.

Bug Fixes:
0.11.16 - Updated Bill Scheduler to use new UI to follow suit with Accounts and Transactions.

0.11.9 - Changed functionality of Accounts UI and Transaction UI. Fixed issue with multiple accounts not properly working. Optimized balance calculations.

0.11.2 - Updated icons and UI, Began Notification implementation.

0.3.17 - Fixed Clear Settings bug for Bill Reminder.

0.3.15 - fixed bug where if you delete account the index gets misaligned not allowing for transactions to be added

0.3.19 - Updated Transaction Functionality and UI to be a bit more eye pleasing.

0.3.15 - Added Scheduler, Added Budget, Renamed Export to Data and added tabs,

0.3.6 - Accounts can now be edited via settings menu.

0.3.5 - Name Change due to branding issues


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