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Display email info in Gmail
Get company profiles right inside your Gmail.

Take action! Make your email a better place.
Bindlix displays all the data about a company that is inside your Gmail inbox. By pointing a
cursor on any email, identify name, description, employees, funding, ranks, social media and
much more about your contact. Enhanced Bindlix plugin assembles the most excellent feature for
Gmail offered all in one addition.

When you received mail from any company, Bindlix systematize the knowledge and answers
what is the company, where it is located, what does it do, what are the websites and social media,
what is the ranking on the web, who is in charge, what is the funding of it, and even how many
employees does it have.

Perfect integration of Bindlix with Rapportive makes it an all-in-one handy platform of
information. Collect all this data in your email and imagine inbox to be a more social,
informative place.


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